Hire fees from January 2023

For contact details and more information, and to download a booking form with the terms and conditions of hire, please click here. 

All Facilities  
Peak Times – involving hire after 6pm  
Village Residents (up to 6hrs)(Additional hours at £10/hr)£65  (Plus Refundable Deposit £200) 
Non-Village (up to 6hrs)   £110 (Plus Refundable Deposit £300)
Non-Village (over 6hrs)£160 (Plus Refundable Deposit £300)
Off-Peak – all hire before 6pm  
Hourly Rate   Plus Refundable Deposit £200£10/hr (or £30 for 4 hours) 
Hall Only  
Represented Clubs   £9 (up to 3hrs)
Others £17 (up to 3hrs plus Refundable Deposit £200)
Committee Room  
Represented Clubs   £6 (up to 3hrs)
Others £12 (up to 3hrs)

Letting Agent              Angela Smith (07734-112967)

Chairperson                Barbara Brewer (01869-340423)

Secretary                     Margaret Bulleyment (01869-347346)

Represented Clubs must nominate a trustee to attend Village Hall committee meetings.

Discounted rate for represented clubs – 15% for six block bookings.