What is the size of the hall?

12.4 m x 9.6cms app. (39’ 2” x 29’ 7”)

What is the height of the hall?

7.32 m app. (24’) of useable space

How many people can be accommodated in the hall?

140– Maximum number for insurance purposes (to include all helpers, children etc.)

120 sitting down

100 – sitting down and eating (i.e. enough crockery etc. for 100 people – see kitchen facilities)

How many tables in the hall?

20 (accessible from cupboards under the stage)

What is the size of each table?

1.83m x 76 cms (6′ x 2 1/2 ‘)

How many fold-up card tables?


What is the size of the fold-up card tables?

1.61m (24″ square)

How many chairs in the hall?

100 red fabric chairs, stored on 5 trollies. 20 grey plastic chairs for childrens’ parties and ‘messy’ activities.

How many fold-up chairs?


Is there a piano in the hall?

Yes, a Roland digital piano, which can be played by arrangement with Steeple Aston Choral Society. The letting agent has details.

What is the size of the committee room?

5.4 m x 4.2 m app. (18’ x 13’ 8”)

How many people can be accommodated in the committee room?

8 people can meet comfortably around the four pushed-together tables in the middle of the room.

12 people can be seated more intimately for a meeting.

20 people can be accommodated with a table at the front of the room and people seated in rows.

How many chairs in the committee room?


What are the kitchen facilities?

A microwave oven; cooker; warming oven; ‘fridge

Crockery, cutlery and glasses for 100 people

Bar facilities – details available from letting agent

First aid box in cupboard above refrigerator

How many tea towels are there?

None. Due to health and hygiene regulations you need to bring your own.

What are the arrangements for heating?

Heating is included in the hiring cost.

Is there a PA system?

Yes. Details available on request from letting agent.

What lighting facilities are there?

Adequate for most functions. Details of further facilities available from letting agent.

Is there a projection screen in the hall?

Yes. A permanently installed projector – 1080p with resolution up to Full HD (1920×1080) – and drop-down screen (width, 2340mm and height, 1760mm) which projects on to the back wall of the stage. Access is via a single standard HDMI port located to the left of the stage proscenium. As set up, it is suitable for projection without sound, but sound can be reproduced through the hall PA system (which needs to be requested prior to your event) with speakers either side of the stage.

What are the locations of the electric sockets in the hall?

The hall is generously supplied with sockets on every wall, plus the stage area.

Is there a loop sound system?


Is there disabled access?

Yes. There is also a separate disabled toilet.

Any facilities for very young children?

Yes. There is a baby changing station in the disabled toilet.

Is there space for a bouncy castle?

Yes – see height of hall above – but the hall accepts no responsibility for their use.

Are smoke machines allowed in the hall?

No. They set off the smoke alarms.

What is the size of the stage?

3m x 7m app. (9’ 10” x 6’ 7”)

Exits from front of stage

There is a set of moveable steps at the front of the stage (usually stage right.) There are no other built in exits from the front of the stage.

Other exits from stage

There is a door, accessed from steps, back stage right, into the committee room (dressing room).

What are the car parking facilities?

Good. There is a generous parking area for the village hall, sports and recreation centre and village playground on both sides of the hall.

Updated May 2023