The main hall is a large and airy space with a wooden floor and a high ceiling. Upon entering the main hall, the stage is in front of you. On your right hand side are two large windows (with curtains), as well as the emergency exit, while on your left hand side are the kitchen and the chair store. The hall is approximately 12.4m by 9.6m and the ceiling has approximately 7.32m of useable height. The main hall seats 120 people, with the maximum allowed in the building being 140 to include all helpers and those not sitting.

The main hall as viewed from the entrance
The main hall facing back towards the entrance. The door to the kitchen can be seen in the far right of this photo.

Chairs and tables

There are 101 chairs in the hall. These can be found in the chair store.

There are 22 tables, which can be found in drawers under the stage. Each table is 0.76m tall and measures 1.83m x 0.76m.